• Christy Brimm, MATS, MAC, LPC-S

    Christy Brimm, MATS, MAC, LPC-S

    Hi. I’m Christy Brimm. I’m so glad you found me at Two Bridges. I grew up in the St. Louis Metro area but on the Illinois side. When I married and moved to Missouri with my husband, the bridge between our states seemed like a great divide. I felt equal parts excitement about what my future might hold and grief about what I was leaving behind. When we moved to St. Charles, it was yet another bridge for me to get back home. I’ve done a lot of work to integrate who I have always been with what life has taught me—making me who I am today.

    I know that I wouldn’t be complete without embracing my past, and I need that part of my life to launch me into my future. My way of doing therapy is to focus on your story. Your identity is not locked into where you came from; it is also who you are becoming. In that quest there is joy and sorrow. Pain and beauty. Hurt and healing. Maybe some of those hurts require “two bridges” to restore.

    I would be honored to walk with you through your past—the triumph and the regret—to help you realize a peaceful present and anticipate a hopeful future.

    I currently live in St. Charles, MO, with my husband of 24 years, 3 teenagers, and a sweet dog named Blu. I find my “happy place” in a good cup of coffee, walks in nature, and belly laughs with friends and family. I value my faith as part of my wellbeing and am open to exploring yours with you as well.

    I’m looking forward to getting to know you and your story. You can reach me directly at christy@twobridgescounseling.com or 636-896-5693.