• Mary Miller, MAC, PLPC

    Mary Miller, MAC, PLPC

    Hi there. I’m not sure what has taken place in your life to search for a counselor, but I imagine you as brave for doing just that. The idea of opening the door into change is a risky prospect – what will the journey be like on the other side? Sometimes the unknown in itself is enough to keep us married to our current predicament.

    And yet, there’s still a part of you – however large or small right now – that wonders about something different. I think of that part as Hope. Hope stirs curiosity inside of us and invites us to reimagine our circumstances. Hope has led you here. Wherever you find yourself on the precipice of therapy: desperate to sprint through the door, reluctant to move towards change, distrusting that anything could really be different, or maybe you’re years into this process now… I’d be honored to join you on your journey towards healing. When the way gets hard, I’ll keep holding Hope for you.

    A little about me: I consider myself a “wounded healer” – meaning, I’ve experienced pain and loss, and meet you in the counseling room as someone deeply acquainted with grief, hope, and the tension that lies between. I primarily work with teens and adults, and my way of doing therapy draws from DBT, attachment-based, and EFT-informed practices. Lastly, I’m EMDR-trained in case you’ve experienced trauma and need a little more support beyond talk-therapy (you can read more about EMDR here: https://www.emdria.org/about-emdr-therapy/).

    I am supervised by Alicia Seidler, MA, LPC. I can be reached directly at mary@twobridgescounseling.com or 314-328-4361.